While our work depends on the nature of the damage, our repairs
often follow the below steps.

  • We assess the damage to the wheel and compile a report. This indicates what is required to restore the correct factory finish.
  • We check the wheel’s run out, straighten and true 
up the wheel where necessary.
  • The wheel is then washed to remove any basic surface grime that may prevent achieving a true finish.
  • We recreate the original finish and texture by sanding, machining, sandblasting or polishing where required.
  • Any chips and small imperfections on the wheel surface are removed by hand.
  • We follow this up with painting, machining and clear coating or polishing, depending on the client requirements.

Finished wheels then undergo a final check before we notify the client.

Work will vary from vehicle to vehicle, and the extent of the repairs required. However, a general refurbishment looks like this:

1. Clean the wheels to remove any dirt, brake dust, or debris from the surface
2. Remove the previous finish
3. Check for damage like dents, scratches, damages to the wheel
4. Sand the wheels to remove any imperfections and create a clean and even surface
5. Apply a primer specifically for alloy wheels
6. Apply the new colour and finish with multiple thin coats
7. Apply a clear coat to protect the wheel.

We prefer to quote all damage depending on the size and type of wheel and the quantity of wheels needed to be fixed. Visit our quote form here to provide details of your repair and upload photos of your damaged wheel or wheels. We can normally get back to you within 24 hours.

Our turnaround time is subject to your needs. We offer a drive in, drive out service which will require your car. Your car will be stored in a secure warehouse. We know how important your car is to you and we will work with you to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

It’s best to chat to your repairer for exact timeframes before washing your wheel. We recommend using a gentle cleanser and avoid abrasive brushes, generic wheel cleaners, harsh chemicals and high-pressure cleaners.

No you won’t see your original damage. Your wheel repair will be as good as new. All colours and finishes seamlessly blend into the wheel.

Yes we do! All repairs meet the Australian standards, AS1638 and wheel repairs are guaranteed to not fade, peel or scratch.

At Depulu Wheels, we’re a qualified Gold Coast wheel repairer offering interstate and intrastate wheel repairs.

Customers can choose to send their damaged wheels via courier for greater convenience.

For long distance and interstate transport, we can arrange the right carrier for the job.

For locals, we can either pick up or deliver the wheels ourselves or arrange for a local-only courier.

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Quality Guaranteed

All repairs meet the Australian Standards AS1638 and are guaranteed. Relax knowing we have the best quality and 
the right finish.


Wheel Repairs & Refinishing

From buckled wheels to alloy wheel repairs and custom paint finishes, Depulu Wheels is your one-stop shop for all repairs and refinishing.



Depulu Wheels offers both local and interstate wheel repairs. Customers can easily choose to send their damaged wheels via courier.


Relax knowing we have everything covered for that perfect colour and finish.

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